And I’m in London!

I always forget how much the long flights to London take a toll on you! Especially when your first flight is delayed and you already only had a 2-hour connection in Abu Dhabi and you had to leg it through the airport/security check points!

Image result for funny running gifs

Everyone else definitely would have had a good laugh!

Things that did not exactly make it through my trip:

  • My iPhone 7, that I just had to pay $850 for to pay my plan out! Not happy! It just suddenly stopped working even though it was 100% full of battery!
  • My stomach! For some reason, my stomach absolutely hates airplane food no matter how good it tastes! I also have a small lactose intolerance which I forgot to request meals for. . .that one is definitely on me!
  • My sleeping patterns! Completely gone out the window. I went to bed at 9 pm last night after having a 20-minute nap at about 5:30 pm and now I am awake at 6:30 am. I guess it’s not too bad and could definitely be worse!
  • I think this is all. . . for now!

Also, another thing I realised about travelling solo, groups, and oldies (because they are so impatient) always manage to push their way in front of you. Like I don’t care because we are all getting on the same plane and my seat is already allocated, but come on people, let’s just have some patience hey?

Now, where am I exactly! I am currently staying at the Astor Victoria Hostel! It is such a great little hostel! I’m currently staying in a 4-bed mixed dorm – currently the only girl, but the boys aren’t very talkative – they also have 8-bed dorms for those who just want the cheapest possible, 5 and 6-bed dorms, which include female only options! There are private rooms offered also! The showers and toilets are nice and clean. The social area is a little bit smaller but offers for Netflix and they have two kitchens, and offer breakfast each morning for a small donation which goes towards feeding the homeless! I booked with them through HostelWorld which seems to work out the same amount as on their website or if you would like to check them out direct

There probably won’t be too much from me for a while as I am going into some serious study mode! Sadly I won’t be getting to see an awful lot of London (luckily I’ve been here before!) But I’ll update you as soon as I can!



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