I always forget how much the long flights to London take a toll on you! Especially when your first flight is delayed and you already only had a 2-hour connection in Abu Dhabi and you had to leg it through the airport/security check points!

Image result for funny running gifs

Everyone else definitely would have had a good laugh!

Things that did not exactly make it through my trip:

  • My iPhone 7, that I just had to pay $850 for to pay my plan out! Not happy! It just suddenly stopped working even though it was 100% full of battery!
  • My stomach! For some reason, my stomach absolutely hates airplane food no matter how good it tastes! I also have a small lactose intolerance which I forgot to request meals for. . .that one is definitely on me!
  • My sleeping patterns! Completely gone out the window. I went to bed at 9 pm last night after having a 20-minute nap at about 5:30 pm and now I am awake at 6:30 am. I guess it’s not too bad and could definitely be worse!
  • I think this is all. . . for now!

Also, another thing I realised about travelling solo, groups, and oldies (because they are so impatient) always manage to push their way in front of you. Like I don’t care because we are all getting on the same plane and my seat is already allocated, but come on people, let’s just have some patience hey?

Now, where am I exactly! I am currently staying at the Astor Victoria Hostel! It is such a great little hostel! I’m currently staying in a 4-bed mixed dorm – currently the only girl, but the boys aren’t very talkative – they also have 8-bed dorms for those who just want the cheapest possible, 5 and 6-bed dorms, which include female only options! There are private rooms offered also! The showers and toilets are nice and clean. The social area is a little bit smaller but offers for Netflix and they have two kitchens, and offer breakfast each morning for a small donation which goes towards feeding the homeless! I booked with them through HostelWorld which seems to work out the same amount as on their website http://www.hostelworld.com/ or if you would like to check them out direct https://astorhostels.com/

There probably won’t be too much from me for a while as I am going into some serious study mode! Sadly I won’t be getting to see an awful lot of London (luckily I’ve been here before!) But I’ll update you as soon as I can!



Posted by:Rachel Lawrence

Average Australian, who worked her way up the ladder in the travel industry, from working as a travel agent to taking other Australian's through Europe, to working in the office of a tour operator as their sales executive! To now having to move back into my family home and re-figuring my life away from travel.

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