And just like that, I’m off. . .

So, I’ve checked in, left my 19kg of my life I was able to pack into a backpack (I still feel like I’m missing stuff!) in the trusty hands of Etihad Airways, I have said goodbye to my parents and brothers, had a few little tears, I’ve bought my necessary makeup supplies (I promise I really need them!), and I’m currently seated at the airport bar with my favourite cider in hand. First stop, London! (After of course a quick check through Abu Dhabi!)

And yet, it still hasn’t hit me what I have got myself into. I’m blaming half of that on the sleep deprivation (four hours sleep due to mum and I trying to pack my life into a 65L suitcase, and the real MVP mum who bought me a larger pack today!).

The last month has been an absolute whirlwind, trying to get all my study done, get as much of my affairs in order, finish up work, and try and say goodbye to everyone! My poor mother still has the joys of packing my room away (I’m so sorry, a packing/cleaning bill should really be added to the tab) just because I did not have enough time! I feel like I really needed a whole year to get ready for a move to the other side of the world!

I’m not sure if it’s the lack of sleep however, I currently have no words to describe this feeling. It’s crazy to think that so much will happen while I’m gone, and things are going to change, but the biggest thing that will change is most definitely going to be me.

Mainly because I will then be that person who is always like, “so there was this one time in Europe. . . ” We all know one of them already haha!

2 responses to “And just like that, I’m off. . .”

  1. Mum and I are so proud of you, safe travels and have the best time of your life. take care and keep smiling love Dad xxx


  2. Rach, you are going to be awesome… just remember the year 2019 you are going to be our guide…. Bootcamp European vacation here we come…. just remember we all are only a social media message away… so envious! Enjoy…..Leonie xx


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