Review: Brew (Chiswick)

Now, every Aussie knows the absolute struggle of trying to find a coffee in London that is at the standards of the amazing coffee served in Australia! Londoners don’t know what a good quality coffee is, and any of them who have been to Australia they realise how terrible their coffee culture is.

My English friend ( check her out) took me to this cafe in Chiswick, and as soon as I tasted the coffee I had a small hint that is was an Australian cafe! Also, the fact that there was a little-hidden jar of Vegemite on the shelf and you could include it in some meals for free if you wanted to, it had to of been Aussie. Still wasn’t 100% sure, so didn’t want to ask.

However, when I started to notice the decor more, it became more clear that this was definitely Australian owned. It’s a cosy cafe, with a bit of a natural vibe to it. Green colours, fake vines and wooden walls. Even the bathrooms had a sense of outback bathroom with wooden walls also. The second time I went, I noticed in the back room there was on the wall the lyrics of Waltzing Matilda, other signs included the bathroom being labelled “Loos”, Ladies is “Shelias” and Mens is “Blokes”, Definitely gave it that Aussie touch!



Like how more Aussie can you get!


I will admit, the menu isn’t the cheapest menu I have come across, however, when you are feeling a little homesick and want great quality breakfast and coffee this is the place you want to hit up!

There is the breakfast menu that runs from 9am – 5pm. Including your basics of toasts (with vegemite if you want) and cereals right up to your more gourmets breakfasts of sweet corn fritters, the price range is £3.50 to £13.90. I always go for the trusty poached eggs and add a side of avocado. And I have to give it to them, it may be £5 for avocado but it is an amazing amount! I am an avocado feen, and it is too much avocado for me! The poached eggs are always nice and runny (how they should be!) and the one time I added bacon, nice and crispy! The only thing I’d fault a little is they need to give out steak knives with the toast as the crust is a work out to cut!

The first time I went I got two almond milk cappuccinos and poached eggs on toast with a side of avocado and it cost me £20.40. As I said, not the cheapest place, however, 100% worth it on a lonely, homesick day.


Eggs Benedict, poached eggs on toast with a side of avocado and bacon!


Brew do also have a lunch menu, pizza (they have a pizza oven!) and a dinner menu (5pm – 10pm) option. I haven’t been there during these times, however, the menu isn’t as optional as you would probably like, however, the food on offer does sound yummy!

They do have “La Luna Cinema” downstairs as well, which holds specials events at peak times throughout the year, however, I believe these are on pause at the moment during the winter months. I definitely think this is something to keep your eye out for!

Overall, I’d honestly score Brew with a 10/10! Customer service is great, wifi is also a good quality for those looking to doing some social media time, food has been perfect both times I have been there and when I need to go back for a second coffee you know it’s amazing!


Photo of me by the great Unjaded mentioned in 1st paragraph!


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