My name is Rachel, I am a 25-year-old dual citizen (Aussie gal at heart, Irish on my second passport) and basically, I am currently full filling my dream of Chasing Wanderlust.

As corny as it may sound, I have had this dream since I was 16! I had a few hiccups along the way, however, when I was 21, I finally made a step forward in the right direction of full filling my dream and ticking off those massive iconic wish list moments in Europe.

The end of my first European trip!

As I did this, I realised there was more to just ticking off these bucket list moments, I wanted to immerse myself in travel. I thought I’d be happy enough with being a travel agent and sharing the love of travel with others.

Travel agent parties were always the best!

After about a year, I realised my feet were itching for more and while on my first solo trip to Turkey, I made a decision for the next stage of my life . . .

Cappadocia, need I say more!

I dove into travel deeper by applying to become a tour guide for Busabout in Europe, because why not, right?

The whole process took a while, during this time I became an Irish citizen (this took 6 months), had a very short trip to London from my small town of Tweed Heads for my interview with Busabout (6 days to be exact, including travel time), did a heap of pre-study (62 templates varying between 5-20 pages long each) and then packed my belongings and on I went in March 2017 to London!

My Busabout family ❤️

I have now completed my second season of Busabout, have lived in London during last winter and now lapping up chasing Summers while spending this break from Busabout at home!

You can now follow my travels through this blog, Instagram and my Facebook page!

If you ever have any questions about travel, Busabout, cities in Europe, etc, feel free to message and ask!

Look forward to sharing with you all 

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