It’s one of those things where it still doesn’t feel real. You have your one-way flight purchased, your passport is ready to go, you’re planning your going away party and trying to pull all the pieces together to get ready!

No matter how hard I have tried to be on top of everything, I am the complete opposite right now! My room is still a mess and in all sorts, I only booked my accommodation two days ago, I still haven’t looked into really selling my belongings (you know like important things, like getting rid of my car, electronics that can’t come with me, clothing that is just going to take up so much room and you cannot be bothered to store!) just to make that little bit of extra cash too!

On another note, anyone looking to buy a car, iPad, laptop, clothing, shoes, etc, hit me up! I have so much to get rid of!

I still have so much study left to do for my new job and getting there very, very slowly! The sleep has been minimum, but hey, may as well get used to lack of sleep now right?

I am getting rather excited though, I have been given an amazing opportunity and honestly cannot wait to have something different to look forward to instead of the normal, 9 – 5 desk work life!

Getting ready for the best year of your life is hard!

If you have any pointers let me know 😀

Posted by:Rachel Lawrence

Average Australian, who worked her way up the ladder in the travel industry, from working as a travel agent to taking other Australian's through Europe, to working in the office of a tour operator as their sales executive! To now having to move back into my family home and re-figuring my life away from travel.

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