What’s this about?

From the young age of 15, I knew I wanted to travel the world, but at this point in time, it was just a dream!

I graduated high school in 2011 and went straight into university studying a degree of Business in Events and Convention Management.  The whole time during my degree, I wanted to travel and explore, however, my lack of budget and time stopped me from going past Indonesia.

I always wanted to take on an exchange program, however, was also too scared as I was a completely different person back then and never pursued it.

Until I finally graduated from university in 2014, seeing the world was still a dream, and then suddenly one day it became a reality. I finally booked my first European trip in January 2015 to depart in June with two of my girlfriends. Before this trip, I was working as a casual hospitality worker and hated it.

While travelling through Europe, I realised how intense my passion for the world was! Upon my return to Australia after 6 of the best weeks of my life, I decided I was going to apply to become a travel agent.

After 1 application and a long interview process, I landed a job with Student Flights! I absolutely was loving my job and about 4 months in I booked my first solo trip to Turkey. For anyone who knew me at this point in time, they knew how obsessed I was with Turkey, even though at that time I had never travelled there!

In May of 2016, I took off to Turkey for a 2.5 week trip by myself! I booked myself on two Busabout (Turkey Aegean & Turkey Cappadocia) trips and absolutely loved every single second of it! I had the highest expectations for this incredible country and my trip exceeded every single one of them! This trip is still the best weeks of my entire life so far.

During this trip I started to realise, I had not done enough travelling for myself, and that as much as I loved my current job, I wasn’t ready for the 9-5 (more like 8:30-5:30+) 5 days a week lifestyle.

My feet were itching for a change, for adventure, for new cultures, new friends, new places and new experiences. During that trip, I decided it was time to look into a job where I would be travelling non-stop, a job I could get paid to travel and help others enjoy Europe as much as I do.

What better job than being a tour guide right?

Upon my arrival home, I applied for my Irish citizenship so I was able to be approved for work through Europe! After a gruelling 3+ months of patience on my behalf and $400AUD, I was approved!

I then applied for the one company I love and know like the back of my hand, Busabout! I was accepted for a job interview, which was held in London. Now for those of you that haven’t realised, I’m an average Aussie girl from the Gold Coast, who still lives at home with her mum as she can’t afford to live out of home. Now to get to London, was a mission! The money and the time off work was a little concerning, however, I found some cheap flights, booked a hostel, and begged for 6 days off (including travel time) and made my way to London!

After a 24 hour flight, a 12-hour sleep (after 48 hours with no sleep!), I then found myself sitting in an interview room, with 10 other hopefuls applying for a job of a life time! After making it through to the individual interviews, I had never been so nervous in my whole life!

After my return, I am now planning to haul majority of my clothing into a backpack and depart to the other side of the world indefinitely (much to my parent’s disappointment) after landing my dream job and I am inviting you all to follow my journey! I will not have a place of residence from March until October. For me, this is massive! I have always been a person who has needed a plan to follow and now, I am going to be the definition of a nomad!

I know there will be some interesting stories along the way for me to share with you and man, am I looking forward to the unexpected!

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